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Hi, I'm Shanice! I'm so glad you're here. I'm a mom of 3 (including twins), a self-care + time management coach, and a Communication professor. Her Guided Evolution® is a digital space dedicated to helping women make time for themselves and their personal growth.


#01: What is Well-Being?

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Her Guided Evolution is a weekly podcast created for Black moms who want to be consistent with their self-care and prioritize their well-being. In this first episode of Her Guided Evolution, Shanice introduces herself, the podcast, and some concepts that she’ll be returning to on the show. She also talks about minimizing the space between where you currently are and who you want to evolve into.

The Conversation

3:51 – What is a “guided evolution”? It’s more than simply growing older. With a guided evolution, you are evolving with intention. You are guided by the idea of who you want to become.

8:23 – About Shanice: Shanice is a mom, wife, third year Communication PhD student, vegan, and long distance runner who studies Black women’s online well-being discourses.

14:55 – What is well-being? Shanice defines well-being in line with Jameta Barlow and LeConte Dill’s 2018 article (link): “holistic health or well-being is….”

20:51– Introspection is the last segment of the show where Shanice shares insight about what she has been reflecting on over the past week.

In this week’s episode, Shanice briefly reflects on her academic research on Black women’s health and how it informs her view of the present day disregard for Black life within the United States.

Shanice wants Her Guided Evolution to be a space where Black mothers can decenter personal hardships and collective trauma in order to focus on their own well-being and personal growth. In other words, Shanice wants Her Guided Evolution to offer Black mothers a momentary escape in order to focus on positivity, possibility, inspiration, and empowerment.

Resources Mentioned

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Founded by Dr. Shanice Jones Cameron, Her Guided Evolution® is a digital platform dedicated to helping women (specifically moms) make more time for themselves. Instead of chasing productivity, the Her Guided Evolution® philosophy is aimed at helping women create more time for self-care, improving their mental health, and finding joy.

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