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Which self-care practices fit your personality?

the platform

Her Guided Evolution® is a digital platform helping women prioritize self-care.

As women, we often internalize expectations that we need to “balance” our lives. It’s no wonder that many of us end up neglecting ourselves and struggling with our mental health. That’s why I created this platform— to help moms prioritize themselves, practice self-care, and implement stress-reducing time management systems.

my philosophy

Time management should go beyond productivity and help you create space for self-care and joy.

— Shanice Jones Cameron, PhD

my story

I started graduate school when my daughter was just  3 months old.

Hey! I’m Dr. Shanice Jones Cameron. A lot of people questioned how I would manage being a first-time mom while working toward a graduate degree-but I decided to go back to school anyway. It wasn’t easy, and for a while I struggled with poor time management and neglected my self-care. Eventually, I learned practical methods and implemented systems to create more time for myself while “wearing all the hats”.

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Founded by Dr. Shanice Jones Cameron, Her Guided Evolution® is a digital platform dedicated to helping women (specifically moms) make more time for themselves. Instead of chasing productivity, the Her Guided Evolution® philosophy is aimed at helping women create more time for self-care, improving their mental health, and finding joy.

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