Hi, I’m Shanice.

I help moms who work remotely stick to routines, so they can feel less overwhelmed and get things done.

Introspective Time Management

Her Guided Evolution® is a digital platform offering free and premium resources to help moms who work remotely manage their time. I know women (especially mothers) face unrealistic pressure to “balance” work and life. That’s why my time management techniques are rooted in self-compassion and aimed at helping you create space for self-care and personal goals.


“Thanks to Shanice and Her Guided Evolution®, I feel a lot more confident in what I can accomplish. The tools and systems that Shanice provided me have helped me to earn back so much time in my day. I have learned to prioritize daily tasks, set aside time for myself and self-care, and I’m now well on my way to running a business on the side.” -Danica (@coolishmom)

my story

Five years ago, I was starting graduate school with a 3-month old.

A lot of people questioned how I would manage being a first-time mom and working toward a graduate degree—but I decided to go back to school anyway. It hasn’t been easy, and I struggled with poor self-care and procrastination for years. I had to learn practical methods to manage my time (and my mind) as I worked remotely. Five years later, I finished my master’s degree, I now have three kids (including twins), and I’m completing my PhD.

Break your unproductive habits

Download my free video training to learn three reasons why you’re struggling to manage your time. Learn to reverse these habits, so you can skip the overwhelm and tackle your day with intention—no matter where you’re working from.

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