You’re more than your productivity.

You are constantly running—taking care of your kids and working all the time. Your schedule is pretty flexible, but you’re still overwhelmed. You’ve had the same self-care and career goals for months, maybe even years. But, you don’t know how to free up time in your schedule to actually make progress toward those goals…

Behind the Brand

I came up with the idea for Her Guided Evolution— a self-development space for womxn, back in 2015. However, I never actually took any real action toward making this space a reality until the end of 2019.

I spent years planning, making to-do lists, and brainstorming. But for some reason, I struggled to move this project out of the “planning phase” to “the implementation phase” or making actually putting my content out into the world for people to consume.

I had our first daughter in 2016 right before I started working on my Master’s degree, and then we had twins in 2018— the same year I started my PhD program.

If you had asked me why I hadn’t created this space years ago, I would have responded, “I don’t have time.” I mean, I was definitely busy, But that truth is, I don’t have time was often my go-to excuse that kept me from digging deeper and managing my time (and my mind).

Also, I didn’t have the mental bandwidth to push myself toward a goal that was going to bring up all my fears and self-doubt. So, I got caught up in a cycle of self-sabotage that lasted YEARS.

I eventually started Her Guided Evolution as a second year PhD student with 3 kids under 3 because I realized that time wasn’t my problem. It was my approach to time, and how I thought about my schedule and my capabilities.

That’s why I created Her Guided Evolution. I want to help other moms who are working from home take control over their schedules and their time.

“I don’t have time” is a sneaky, unproductive, and unhelpful thought that has the potential to keep you stuck in the same unhelpful patterns.

I hope Her Guided Evolution inspires you to take control over your schedule and pursue your biggest dreams.

– Shanice.

Find peace within your daily schedule.

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