#18: Refresh Your Mind, Reset Your Life

In today episode, Shanice talks about how you might identity the unproductive, draining, and unhelpful thought patterns that keep you stuck and hinder your growth. She talks about how you can start the process of refreshing your mind, so you can take control over your well-being journey and your life. She also lays out the specific strategies to help you gain clarity, move past overwhelm, and make progress toward your goals.

The Conversation

How do you know that you need to refresh your mind and reset your life (1:45).

Recognize your unhelpful behaviors (12:25).

Action Step (18:17)

Set a timer and take a note in your phone. Type out your responses to the following:

1) What thoughts do I have on repeat right now? What situations or scripts are stuck in my head?

2) What patterns or behaviors have I been stuck in lately?

How to Reset your life and well-being journey (20:02)

“A reset is your opportunity to do something differently. You have access to a reset anytime you decide you want to feel better or do things differently.”

Strategies when you need a reset (23:26)

Journal to figure out your unproductive thoughts

Stop avoiding things and take action.

Go back to what inspired you and tap into your creativity.

Make a list and focus on no more than three (3) tasks that you need to complete.

Introspection (26:48)

Continuing even when it’s difficult.


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