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Hi, I'm Shanice! I'm so glad you're here. I'm a mom of 3 (including twins), a self-care + time management coach, and a Communication professor. Her Guided Evolution® is a digital space dedicated to helping women make time for themselves and their personal growth.


Refresh Your Mind, Reset Your Life

You might need to refresh and reset your mind if you:

❌ You feel unmotivated and stuck in a pattern.

❌ Every day feels that same.

❌ You don’t want to do anything, and even little things feel like a battle.

❌ You may be slacking on your self-care: you may have been planning to paint your nails, practice yoga, but you’re just in the same funk every single day.

❌ Meetings and any work that you have to do feels like a literal chore.

❌ You might spend every second counting down to when you can go back to scrolling through Facebook/Instagram, watching TV, or eating junk food.

❌ You might start isolating yourself from people.

❌ Texting your friend back feels like too much.

❌ You don’t want to answer your phone.

If you’re in this place and any of this sounds familiar, I encourage you to start with refreshing your mind. Refreshing your mind means recognizing unhelpful thought patterns and identifying any behaviors and bad habits you might have fallen into…so, you can feel energized, get unstuck, and move forward.

Now, I want to highlight some unhelpful thoughts because you know I always encourage you to start with your mind.

Recognize Unhelpful Thought Patterns

But it’s hard not to get caught up in my head. And when I’m stuck in these patterns, my actions and behaviors look different too. And that’s where it becomes important for me to recognize what I am doing to cope with these thought patterns and how this shows up in my life and the things I do.

I’ve been spending hours and hours at a time working and not taking breaks even though I know that only makes me feel more overwhelmed. I feel more overwhelmed when I don’t stop and take a break because it makes me feel like I have absolutely no control over my time.

I want to encourage you to take a moment and check in with yourself. How do your unhelpful thought patterns show up for you in your behavior? Do you overeat? Do you eat processed foods? Do you forget to eat? Do you drink alcohol? Drink a lot of coffee? Do you stop exercising? Do you exercise too much? Do you avoid cleaning up? Do you keep a lot of clutter? Do you let your laundry pile up? Do you avoid people? Do you procrastinate? Really sit with this for a moment.

So, to recap, when you need to refresh your mind:

✅ Step 1: The first step with refreshing your mind is recognizing old thought patterns that don’t serve you. Observe those thoughts. Let them pop up, but I think it’s important to recognize and label these thought patterns as such.  

✅Step 2: Recognize the behavioral patterns that follow your unproductive thoughts.

You can get to the root of some of this by journaling. You can keep it simple. Action Step: Make a note in your phone, set your timer for 5 minutes, and just type. What thoughts do I have on repeat right now? What situations or scripts is my brain stuck on? What habits or patterns have I been stuck in lately?

✅  So, I recommend that short journaling exercise. Once you recognize the thought patterns and the unproductive habits, I think this is a great time to think about what actions you can take to reset your life. Remember: If your brain is stuck in the same patterns, of course you are going to feel stuck in your life and feel like you can’t move forward!

Once you are in a place where you are refreshing your mind and want to move forward, you can start focusing on how you are going to reset your life and well-being journey.

Action Steps for Resetting Your Life

I think about resetting your life as a moment where you are recommitting to  your well-being.  It’s a moment where you acknowledge, okay I fell off and I’m in this pattern, but I’m not going to stay in this place.

A reset is your opportunity to do something differently. You have access to a reset any time you decide that you want to feel better. Your well-being journey will likely require you to do a reset over and over again. It’s hard to break cycles that your mind falls into and then your actions follow your mind.

What to Do When You Need a Reset

✅ Gain clarity by journaling. Start with the activity I just laid out to figure out: What are your unproductive thoughts? What are you focusing on that’s causing these negative feelings?  What bad habits are you falling into?

✅ Stop avoiding things and take action. Be it work, exercise, eating healthy, texting. Use that energy that you are expending avoiding stuff just doing the thing. I know you don’t feel like it! Your brain won’t want to, but YOU have to take control and decide that you are going to reset your well-being journey. Go back to what inspires YOU.  You know I’m always telling you to keep a repository of resources to help you stay inspired and motivated. Listen to old episodes of this podcast.

✅ Make a vision board. Do something that helps you tap into your creativity, whatever that looks like for you.

✅ Make a list – and focus on no more than the 3 things in front of you. If you struggle with overwhelm like I do, decide to focus on the things that are due immediately. This helped me a lot because I went into this weekend with a to-do list that basically made me contemplate my whole trajectory in life. But I remember my mom always telling me, “How do you eat an elephant? Cut it up and eat it one piece at a time.” That’s not particularly vegan friendly, but the message is on point.

Those are my tips!

Remember, you probably will need to do this process over and over again on your well-being journey. But it doesn’t matter how many times you fall off or how often you fall into those old thought patterns and behaviors. What matters is that you keep trying and that you’re willing to reset your life whenever you need to. You can always access a fresh start.

How do you know that you need to refresh your mind and reset your life (1:45).

Recognize your unhelpful behaviors (12:25).

Action Step (18:17)

Set a timer and take a note in your phone. Type out your responses to the following:

1) What thoughts do I have on repeat right now? What situations or scripts are stuck in my head?

2) What patterns or behaviors have I been stuck in lately?

How to Reset your life and well-being journey (20:02)

“A reset is your opportunity to do something differently. You have access to a reset anytime you decide you want to feel better or do things differently.”

Strategies when you need a reset (23:26)

Journal to figure out your unproductive thoughts

Stop avoiding things and take action.

Go back to what inspired you and tap into your creativity.

Make a list and focus on no more than three (3) tasks that you need to complete.

Introspection (26:48)

Continuing even when it’s difficult.


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Shanice J Cameron
Author: Shanice J Cameron

Shanice is a time management coach, wife, (twin) mom of 3, communication professor, and long distance runner. She created Her Guided Evolution to help moms be consistent with their self-care and work toward well-being.

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