September 28, 2020
by Shanice J Cameron

#14: Balancing Your Emotions

Many of us are struggling because we’re at home with our kids, and there’s a lot of chaos going on in the world. In this episode, Shanice offers some strategies to help you balance your emotions and tolerate the full range of feelings that you may be experiencing right now. She talks about the importance of working on accepting negative emotions, which may help you make space for positive feelings like joy, peace, and happiness. She also reminds you to take ownership of your emotions (rather than giving your power away to other people), so you can choose to respond to situations in ways that serve you and improve the overall quality of your emotional well-being.

The Conversation

8:40 – Defining Emotional Well-Being

“Emotional well-being refers to the emotional quality of an individual’s everyday experience—the frequency and intensity of experiences of joy, stress, sadness, anger, and affection that make one’s life pleasant or unpleasant (Kahneman & Deaton, 2010).”

11:01 – The importance of accepting your emotions

15:12 – Taking ownership of your emotions and claiming your power

19:58 – Making space for positive emotions

22:32 – ACTION STEP: Make a note in your phone titled “Positive Emotions.” Make a simple tally mark throughout your day and log any time you experience positive feelings. This is meant to help you feel your positive feelings more deeply.

Introspection (23:21) – Black women matter and are worthy of health, well-being, joy, peace, and happiness no matter what the world tries to signal to us.


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