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Hi, I'm Shanice! I'm so glad you're here. I'm a mom of 3 (including twins), a self-care + time management coach, and a Communication professor. Her Guided Evolution® is a digital space dedicated to helping women make time for themselves and their personal growth.


#02: Why Your Self-Care Matters

In episode 2, Shanice talks about why self-care is particularly important for Black mothers in hopes to inspire and motivate you to take action toward improving your well-being. Drawing from her personal experience and Black feminist theory, Shanice defines self-care and offers three reasons why self-care is key to our personal and collective well-being as Black women.

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4:48What is Self-Care?

8:28 – As Black women, self-care is an opportunity to define and empower ourselves despite controlling images (e.g. Strong Black Woman, Superwoman).

13:09 – Self-care can help you manage stress.

15:35 – Self-care can help you build trust with yourself.

18:45 – In this week’s Introspection, Shanice discusses raising young Black children in anti-Black society where European beauty standards are the norm.

Resources Mentioned

FREE Daily Self-Care Plan

Black Feminist Thought

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Founded by Dr. Shanice Jones Cameron, Her Guided Evolution® is a digital platform dedicated to helping women (specifically moms) make more time for themselves. Instead of chasing productivity, the Her Guided Evolution® philosophy is aimed at helping women create more time for self-care, improving their mental health, and finding joy.

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