#06: How to Have More Patience With Your Kids

Look, we all struggle with parenting sometimes. It’s not easy raising tiny humans! In this episode, Shanice shares some tips that help her keep it together while being a (twin) mom of 3 children under 4 while working on a PhD. Listen to this episode to learn how you might extend your patience while you’re with your kids.


3:17 – Tip #1: Adjust your mindset.

9:06 – Tip #2: Put your kids on a schedule.

12:10 – Tip #3: Listen to positive podcasts, music, audiobooks, and YouTube videos.

14:00 – Tip #4: Ask for a break or take a breather.

16:02 – Tip #5: Rely on your self-care practices.

20:20– (Introspection) In this week’s Introspection, Shanice reflects on old beliefs that have been holding her back and encourages you to challenge old beliefs that may be holding you back from evolving into the person you want to become.

Resources Mentioned

FREE Daily Self-Care Plan

Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka


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