#16: 3 Signs that You are Growing and Moving Toward Your Purpose

When you’re evolving and being moved toward your larger purpose, it can be a scary, unsettling, and difficult experience. Simply put, growth is uncomfortable. In this episode, Shanice prompts you to look at three areas of your life that might signal that you are in a period of growth and transition. She offers strategies to help you adjust your mindset and rise to (or cope with) the occasion. Shanice also shares guided journaling prompts, so that you can connect with your intuition and gain clarity into who you are meant to be.

The Conversation

3 Signs that You’re Growing and Moving Toward Your Purpose

  1. You are struggling emotionally. (5:20)
  2. You feel called to move in a certain direction and accept new opportunities. (13:33)
  3. Your relationships are changing. (20:56)

Journal Prompts

  • If you’re struggling, what might you learn from this experience?
  • What could this season of growth be pushing you toward?
  • Am I running from my purpose? If so, why? What am I afraid of?
  • How are your relationships different now than they were 6 months or a year ago?
  • Who in my life supports me and is growing with me? Who isn’t?
  • If I could wave a magic wand and become my ideal type of person, what would she look like? What would she sound like? What would she do everyday? What would she not do that I’m currently doing?


Peer-reviewed study on uncertainty and the human brain


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