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Hi, I'm Shanice! I'm so glad you're here. I'm a mom of 3 (including twins), a self-care + time management coach, and a Communication professor. Her Guided Evolution® is a digital space dedicated to helping women make time for themselves and their personal growth.


#12: 7 Productivity Tips for Working from Home

If you’ve been struggling to be productive while working from home, you’re not alone. As a mom and a PhD student, I have to be a self-starter and be productive no matter what’s going on in my house. So, I’m sharing 7 of my best productivity tips to help you navigate working from home. If you have children who make it more difficult for you to focus, if you struggle with procrastination and have a hard time avoiding Netflix and Instagram when you need to be working, this episode is for you.

The Conversation

  1. Manage your mind. (6:22)
  2. Break down tasks to their smallest form, and just start somewhere. (9:28)
  3. Use the Pomodoro Technique, and build breaks into your day. (10:49)
  4. Make use of a variety of spaces that are available to you. (13:03)
  5. Listen to instrumentals. (15:20)
  6. Multitask when you can, but beware of splitting your attention for certain tasks. (17:10)
  7. Be aware of how you procrastinate, and plan ahead. (19:04)


Vulnerability makes us human. Reach out to a friend if you’re struggling. Express gratitude for someone in your life who means a lot to you. You never know who needs to hear that you appreciate them. (22:29)


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Shanice J Cameron
Author: Shanice J Cameron

Shanice is a time management coach, wife, (twin) mom of 3, communication professor, and long distance runner. She created Her Guided Evolution to help moms be consistent with their self-care and work toward well-being.

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Founded by Dr. Shanice Jones Cameron, Her Guided Evolution® is a digital platform dedicated to helping women (specifically moms) make more time for themselves. Instead of chasing productivity, the Her Guided Evolution® philosophy is aimed at helping women create more time for self-care, improving their mental health, and finding joy.

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