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Learn my signature time management method to create a personalized system focused on self-care and joy (not productivity).

My 60-day time management program, Beyond Productivity, is different than other programs. I don’t promote productivity for productivity’s sake or endorse toxic productivity culture. The goal of my program is to help you formulate a personalized, strategic, realistic, and flexible system that helps you prioritize self-care and activities that bring you joy.

who I help

You may be a good fit for Beyond Productivity, my 1-on-1 time management coaching program if:


Your life doesn't feel "balanced."

You’re a professional mom who feels pressured to “balance” work and life. But, you often question yourself and struggle to manage all aspects of your life.


You struggle with motivation and consistency.

You always plan to work on your time management, but you struggle with holding yourself accountable and being consistent.


You've tried planners and other time management tools.

You spend a lot of time making to-do lists, and you have multiple barely used planners collecting dust. You get frustrated because you haven’t made a lot of progress after months (or years) of working toward the same goals.


You spend a lot of time consuming content and mindlessly scrolling.

You spend more time than you intend to scrolling mindlessly through social media and watching Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and/or Netflix. But, you don’t know how to break out of this cycle and focus on your time management.


You feel overwhelmed.

You feel overwhelmed and like you owe all of your time to other people. You feel like working and taking care of your family are required but your self-development, things that bring you joy, and self-care are optional.


You feel guilty when you're not productive and take breaks.

You feel guilty when you aren’t productive and when you take breaks even though you have a lot on your plate as a professional, mom, and wife, (and maybe student!).

Let’s Work Together

Tell me about your situation, and I’ll send you an email with more information about Beyond Productivity and working with me.

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