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Time management coaching for moms who work from home.

Hey! I’m Shanice. I offer a 60 day 1-on-1 coaching program created to help you stop procrastinating and take control over your schedule. Learn my signature time management method for organizing your daily schedule, so that you have dedicated and focused time with your family, self-care, side hustles, and every other area of your life.

We might be a good fit if…

  • You are working from home with kids and struggling to get everything done during the day (and struggling to find a moment to breathe!).

  • You feel overwhelmed, trapped, and like you owe all of your time to other people.

  • You have a goal that you’ve been wanting to pursue for months or even years. But instead of making real progress toward those goals, you spend a lot of time planning and making to-do lists.

  • You  spend a lot of time scrolling mindlessly through social media sites and watching YouTube and Netflix. But, you don’t know how to get unstuck and out of this unproductive cycle.
  • about me

    ‘Hi, I’m Shanice. After years of struggling with self-doubt and procrastination, I decided to go back to grad school…but I was also having my first child. I spent years struggling to take care of myself and while managing life a new mom, partner, and grad student.

    Five years later, I’m completing my PhD, and I also have twins. 🙂 Now, I help other moms who work remotely maximize their time. If you’re a mom whose working remotely and you feel overwhelmed and like you need to have “work-life balance,” let’s talk!

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