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Who designed your website?

Me! I’m a self-taught web designer, and I’ve been designing and coding websites for over 15 years. I also used to be a freelance web designer.

Nowadays, I only design for my own passion projects and as a creative hobby. I don’t design websites professionally anymore.

What do you study?

I have a master’s degree in Communication Studies, and I am working on my PhD in Communication. My research engages with Black feminist discourses, health, social media, and podcasting specifically.

Can you speak at my event? Or would you like to be featured on my podcast/blog?

Thanks so much for your interest! I’m available for speaking engagements and features. I can discuss veganism, Black womxn and well-being, self-care, podcasting, and yoga, just to name a few topics. Please feel free to send me a message, and we can discuss what you have in mind.

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